5 days to remove inbox anxiety and take back control of your email

Inbox Zero 5-Day Challenge

The most unchallenging challenge you'll do this year

💭 Imagine...

an empty inbox!

Everything ordered and filed away. Filters and bypasses in place. A few shortcuts and semi-automations. And a bit of an unsubscribing extravaganza! We’ll share with you our system for keeping track of what’s going on and how to stop your inbox spinning out of control.

From 12th - 16th September, we have 5 days of mini-missions for you.

A short project where we walk you through the small changes you can make to your inbox that will get you more organised, efficient & in control of your work.

In one week we will have you down to Inbox Zero!

Not only that, we give you the tools and processes to keep it that way!

Follow our lead and we’ll ensure that you’ll:

📧 Have a system in place to file emails quickly.

📧 Know how to find things with a couple of clicks!

📧 Always be able to keep your inbox under control.

📧 Use shortcuts to send out those frequent emails.

📧 Spend less time in your inbox & more time on the things you want to do!

The team behind “Systems To Grow”.

We will be your new systems and processes best friends and we can’t wait to help you get control of your inbox!

A well-kept inbox will have you shutting down your computer and walking away from your desk earlier every single day. You will completely eliminate the email stress you once felt.

never get in an inbox messy muddle again

Spend 5 days with Systems To Grow and you’ll know how to:


Keep your Inbox in check

Our tried and tested steps to reducing inbox anxiety, and managing your emails will give you back hours in your working week!


Use email templates for speedy replies

With a few shortcuts and some semi-automations in place, you’ll be able to nurture leads easily and manage clients seamlessly.


Use filters and bypasses to save you time

Alongside a bit of an unsubscribing extravaganza, we’ll share with you our system for keeping track of what’s going on and how to stop your inbox from spinning out of control.


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